Navigation tips for black women in the corporate space

Your Cheet Sheet when you are speechless

Guide To Navigating Corporate America While Maintaining Your Peace!!

It is time to thrive, even when you encounter racism in the workspace! This Guide includes a cheat sheet to help you navigate corporate america even when you are at a loss for words.

In corporate america things happen that will literrally leave you speachless. Some people make you stop and think, "is that racist." It is time to talk about it, and make sure you are taking care of you!

Looking for something more unique?

In this 28 page workbook, you will learn how to protect your mental health and peace while working in corporate America. We share:

4 key things you should know being a Black woman in corporate america

Tools you can use to make sure you are heard

Creative ways to protect yourself in a corporate environment

How discrimination is legal, while being illegal and what you can do to combat it

The cheat sheet of responses, so you can be heard.

How to combat being written off as the angry Black woman and more!

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How To Protect Yourself As a Black Woman In Corporate America Training

This training specifically helps you with strategies to be successful on the inside and out, while dealing with the stress of an environment that does not advocate for Black Women's best interests. This is a replay of a live training.
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